Leading provider of innovative welding solutions in Ukraine

Our values ​​are the key to success, creating the spirit of the team and the plant.

Leading provider of innovative welding solutions, producing since 2014.

The plant was founded on October 25, 2014.

An initial investment of US $ 4,300 was used to develop and commercialize a unique welding electrode formulation for industrial and domestic use.

What started out as a spark of ingenuity flickered and gained momentum. By mid-2015, a team of enthusiastic inventors had launched their first unique AC and DC welding electrode, this innovation led Sila to a new technology and industry that is driving today's success.


Owing to the quality of our products, we have won the trust of many of our customers.


We have established a corporate mandate to maintain strong core values.


Our company dynamically develops self uniqueness and keeps up with the times.

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About our products

Owing to the updating of the classical technologies of the welding electrodes production (DSTU), through the introduction of the latest developments, the establishment of careful control over each technological operation, as well as the use of only high-quality raw materials, we have achieved a significant improvement in the technological and consumer characteristics of our products.


We produce quality electrodes

Universal electrode E-60/13 (AWS A5.1:E6013)

For welding of shipbuilding steels of classes A and D, manufacturing of pressure vessels, for construction and installation works and welding in a domestic environment.

Electrod AHO-21 (AWS A5.1:E6013)

For welding structures made of low-carbon steel grades St3,10,20, etc. Can be used for water pipes, gas pipes, low pressure gas pipelines.

Electrod AHO-4 (AWS A5.1:E6013)

For welding of corner, butt, overlap joints of metal with a thickness of 3 to 20 mm. Also used for welding of fixed joints of water pipes.

Electrod УОНИ-13/55 (AWS A 5.1:E7018)

For welding carbon and low-alloy structural steels, when increased requirements are imposed on the weld metal for ductility and impact toughness.

Electrode МР-3 (AWS A5.1:E6013)

For welding of critical structures made of low-carbon steels in all spatial positions, except for vertical from top to bottom.

The key to success is the impeccable quality of the product!

Video reviews of our welding electrodes

Территория сварки - Тест электродов СИЛА
Электроды для сварки. HAISSER.
Территория сварки - толстый металл электродом Сила
Обзор электродов TM Tekhmann
Электроды для сварки. HAISSER.

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